• 31 OCT Strategic Investor
  • 28 NOV Pre-sale Begins
  • 7 DEC Pre-sale Ends
  • 22 DEC Crowd Sale Begins
  • 22 DEC Crowd Sale Ends


Conversion rate: 1 ETH : 10 NEO : 5,200 QLC

Pre-sale hard cap: 40,000 ETH

Stage ETH Token Bonus Lockup Period Caps per investor
Strategic Investor 10,000 30% 1 Month
Presale Bonus 30,000 10% No Lockup Min of 100 ETH per investor
Max of 2000 ETH per investor

Investors may choose to participate with NEO at a conversation rate of 10 NEO to 1 ETH

Pre-sales Closed

We are happy to announce that Pre-sale will close on the 7th of Dec.

At the launch of our project, we provided a TGE structure that worked out to about $15+M raised. Because of the increase in value in ETH and NEO, we decided that we will raise less. We have now raised (collected or allocated) about 120,000 NEO in the Strategic Tier and 230,000 NEO in the Pre-sale Tier. We will stop here. Actual final numbers may change slightly.

We provided token holders with the option to purchase either in ETH or NEO at a 1ETH:10NEO peg. Because of a favourable NEO arbitrage, over 95% of our funds received were in NEO. We are happy to support NEO.

NEO's average price over the last 9 days comes in at about $37, this works out to approximately USD $12.9M raised in Pre-sale. We will make an announcement soon on the crowd-sale date. We will reduce the hard-cap for the crowd-sale and announce an NEO to QLC peg closer to the crowd-sale. We expect to raise about $2.5 to $3M in our crowd-sale.

The total amount of tokens sold will remain approximately 224M. As we are raising less, we will re-distribute all unsold tokens to token investors and make announcements later in terms of what these numbers look like.

Finally, on behalf of all Qlinkers, I would like to thank you for your support and look forward to your continued support in our crowd-sale!

Crowd sale

Conversation rate: 1 NEO: 520 QLC (Approximate price, to be finalized later)

Crowd sale hard cap: 10,000 NEO

Stage NEO Token Plan Lockup Period Caps per investor
Crowd sale 10,000 TBA None To be decided

Token allocation

  1. Total issuance: 600M QLCs
  2. Tokens for Sale: 224M QLCs with 184M in Strategic Investor & Pre-sale and the rest in Crowd-sale.
  3. Any tokens not sold during Pre-sale will be made available in Crowd-sale.
  4. 40% (240M) - Launch participants (224M), community bonding, token sale related marketing and bounty campaings (16M).
  5. 20% (120M) - Qlink development team and advisors (Tokens to team and advisors are released over a 3-year vesting period).
  6. 40% (240M) - Held as a provision for partnerships, marketing, strategic initiatives, and future QLC expenses.
  7. Any unsold tokens will be re-distributed to token sale investors.


All participants in the Qlink token sale are required to be approved through a KYC process, which will start in Nov on Qlink’s website.

If you have any Questions, please contact us at