• 31 OCT Strategic Investor
  • 28 NOV Pre-sale Begins
  • 7 DEC Pre-sale Ends
  • 22 DEC Crowd Sale Begins
  • 22 DEC Crowd Sale Ends


Conversion rate: 1 ETH : 10 NEO : 5,200 QLC

Pre-sale hard cap: 40,000 ETH

Stage ETH Token Bonus Lockup Period Caps per investor
Strategic Investor 10,000 30% 1 Month
Presale Bonus 30,000 10% No Lockup Min of 100 ETH per investor
Max of 2000 ETH per investor

Investors may choose to participate with NEO at a conversation rate of 10 NEO to 1 ETH

Crowd sale

Conversation rate: 1 NEO: 520 QLC (Approximate price, to be finalized later)

Crowd sale hard cap: 10,000 NEO

Stage NEO Bonus Lockup Period Caps per investor
Crowd sale 10,000 0% None 15 NEO

Token allocation

  1. Total issuance: 600M QLCs
  2. Tokens for Sale: 224M QLCs with 184M in Strategic Investor & Pre-sale and the rest in Crowd-sale.
  3. Any tokens not sold during Pre-sale will be made available in Crowd-sale.
  4. 40% (240M) - Launch participants (224M), community bonding, token sale related marketing and bounty campaings (16M).
  5. 20% (120M) - Qlink development team and advisors (Tokens to team and advisors are released over a 3-year vesting period).
  6. 40% (240M) - Held as a provision for partnerships, marketing, strategic initiatives, and future QLC expenses.
  7. Any unsold tokens will be re-distributed to token sale investors.


All participants in the Qlink token sale are required to be approved through a KYC process, which will start in Nov on Qlink’s website.

If you have any Questions, please contact us at